Retrolicious Me


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Oh well..TGIF..Source around for HIRO and retro nostalgic childhood snacks found one wholesaler around Aljunied area during one of my off day.I’m literally a kid in a candy store.Went JB last weekend hoping to find them but to no avail.If you ask me,its for a DIY candy corner for my wedding that will be done by my lil sis.Beforehand i ask her to do a hamper for a buddy for me as a token for his birthday.Special project mah.LOLImage

Left to Right:Ring Pop,Choki Choki,HIRO choc cake,KITTY Boy Ice Cream Paste,Sweets in Can,Ding Dang

Chock full of delights

The final product

The hamper tag


Themes,the bane of all BTB and GTB.So many choices,so many pretty lil things.In Singapore the standard malay decorator will be using the same old thing but there are bespoke and customised decorator but they cost any where between 4-10k for decors alone.This is for a ONE freaking day event.*Roll Eyes*Faints*

Monochrome Themes 



Stripes Anyone?




(Pics courtesy of onefabday)

Eat more cake..Or not..Wedding cakes alternatives

Pastry tower..A new trend than the run of the mill macarons tower that cost you a bomb.Jello tower,colours and more colours.Doughnuts tower anyone?lol

(Pics courtesy of onefabday )